Ways To Clean Your Criminal Record In Canada

Ways To Clean Your Criminal Record In Canada

Running away from your past mistakes is never easy. Often times, your past catches up to you and affects your future. This is particularly true when you actually have a criminal record because authorities and governments will never forget. Although having a criminal record might seem like something that could cripple you for the rest of your life, it’s actually possible to learn, find a job, travel, and resume living a normal life with one specific document: a pardon. When you have a pardon, you can have a shot at returning to regular life and gain access to different opportunities that were once out of reach because of your criminal record. National pardon helps you to enable pardon to Clean Your Criminal Record.

While getting a pardon can start you off with a clean slate criminal records by hiding your past record from the public eye as if you were a new person, the process of acquiring it will take more than just filling out forms and waiting at home for good news. 

Getting a Canadian Pardon: The Facts

In case the concept of a pardon is new to you, here are some facts that you need to know about applying for one, having one, and what it really is:

  • 45 percent of cases wherein someone with a criminal record applied for a pardon on their own result in errors that prolong the process far longer than it should take.
  • All of those with Canadian criminal records (except for more severe and heinous crimes such as murder) are eligible to apply for a pardon after they’ve served their convictions.
  • The Pardon Applications of Canada and other pardon experts help those with Canadian criminal records go through the application process smoothly while successfully securing a pardon.

Among all the facts presented, it’s important to pay special attention to the very first: applying for a pardon application on your own will result in a near-50-50 chance of your application being returned with an error. This can cause you to waste time, make avoidable mistakes, and encounter even more delays. In some cases, the implications of doing a pardon application on your own are so severe that it can even be denied solely based on any processing or technical errors that you made. This can be an obstacle in your way of Clearing Your Criminal Records.

Why Do You Need A Professional Pardon Service?

Using a professional pardon service is a necessity if you want to secure a pardon without committing any unnecessary mistakes and wasting even more time. Professional pardon services work much like visa services where someone helps you obtain documentation for another country you’re going to, except that they also have to instil an immense amount of care in handling your application which will also help you in getting a Clean Criminal Background Check.

However, before you apply for a pardon and work with a professional pardon service in securing a much-needed clean slate, you’ll have to have the following requirements or eligibilities: a pardonable crime, a significant amount of time since your conviction without any other crimes committed (the duration depends on the crime), and 631 CAD for application and processing fees.

Why getting a pardon is far more than just getting the paperwork done?

Although the entire pardon process might seem like it’s just all about filing paperwork and filling out forms, the Canadian government employs a strict, requirement-filled tasklist that also requires the following items: electronic fingerprints, police records checks, properly-answered question forms, court information for your convictions, and a properly-written measurable benefit form. Having a professional pardon agency or service handling your application is extremely beneficial in this case, as they’re familiar with all the guidelines and by-laws that make for a successful application resulting in Wiping Your Criminal Records (Clean).

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