What are Gummies? Are There Any Health Benefits?

Surely we’ve all heard by now about the effects of CBD. People across the world are using this hemp-derived cannabinoid to help with stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and much more. What people are less in tune with is the effects that different types of CBD Gummies products can have depending on what they’re trying to treat.

CBD gummies, in particular, have been one of the most in-demand products on the market in recent months. But what exactly is it that makes these products unique? Is there really any difference between even the best CBD gummies on the market and, say, a standard CBD oil?

In this article we take a look at this topic in detail and outline how kushiebites work differently compared to other CBD products, and whether or not you should be incorporating them into your daily routine.

How (and why) CBD gummies work differently

CBD gummies do indeed work differently compared to other types of CBD products. Most notably, the effects take longer to kick in compared to something like a CBD oil. However, the effects can also be much longer-lasting, making gummies (and other types of edibles) a great option for people looking to improve their quality of sleep.

The reason gummies take longer to kick in is because the active ingredients (i.e. the CBD) have to go through various stages of digestion before it makes it to the bloodstream. Consumption methods such as smoking, vaping, or even sublingual oils are much more direct in terms of CBD entering the bloodstream and therefore have faster-acting effects.

The advantage of gummies taking longer to kick in is that they also often last a lot longer as well. While it may take an hour or even more to feel the effects of a quality CBD gummy, you might expect to experience therapeutic benefits for six or eight hours. This makes gummies a great option for people dealing with stress, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

Of course, the effects that you experience ultimately depend on the quality of gummies that you’re using. Even today, the CBD market is ripe with brands that produce sub-par quality. If you’re willing to spend a little more money in order to get top-quality results, the following four labels are definitely worth looking into in terms of finding real, authentic CBD that actually works.

#1) Premium Jane

Over the years this company has established itself as one of the leading producers of high-quality American CBD, and for good reason. They work with tightly regulated farms to deliver premium, potent CBD extracts using some of the most advanced technologies in the industry.

We are particularly big fans of their line of CBD gummies, which includes a sleep-specific formula containing not only CBD, but also melatonin, CBN, chamomile, and GABA. This unique formulation works incredibly well to help reduce stress and achieve a healthy, natural night’s sleep with no groggy side effects.

#2) PureKana

Another CBD label that has established itself as one of the leaders in the American market, PureKana is trusted by dozens of elite-level athletes to deliver reliable, effective therapy for pain relief, muscle soreness, and more.

PureKana offers several different options in their gummies range that covers a variety of budgets. These are also some of the most rigorously tested gummies products on the market, so customers can rest easy knowing that each and every bottle contains exactly what’s listed on the label.

#3) CW Hemp

CW Hemp, otherwise known as Charlotte’s Web, has been a mainstay in the industry and became famous for their CBD-rich strain of Colorado-grown hemp. The label offers a variety of CBD gummies options in different flavors and potencies, but perhaps none are more popular (or effective) than their “Daily Wellness” gummies, which contain 25mg of plant-based cannabinoids per serving. They also offer specific gummy formulas for boosted immunity, improved sleep, calm, recovery, and more. 

#4) Medterra

Last but not least is Medterra – another CBD label that is used and trusted by some of the most elite athletes and trainers on the planet. All of Medterra’s products are made from 99% pure CBD isolate, meaning there is never any worry of trace amounts of THC ending up in the final product. If you’re worried about consuming small amounts of hemp-derived THC for drug testing purposes, these gummies would be an excellent option worth looking into.


All in all, there are no doubt specific reasons for using CBD gummies as opposed to other types of CBD products. While the effects may take longer to kick in, they are also typically longer-lasting, making them the ideal option for things like stress and anxiety reduction, as well as improved sleep.

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