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Ensure Higher Lifespan Of Your Straw Hats With These Simple Maintenance Tips

Millions of people wear hats to protect themselves from the sun every day. From the amazing style of straw hats to more simple and effective Panama hats, there are many incredible pieces in the market. But, if you are not taking proper care of your hats, you will not enjoy a longer shelf life for your hat. 

While the material and build of a premium hat are strong, you still need to be attentive to its care, reshaping, and safe storage. To ensure the longevity of straw hats, you need to look out for them and ensure you are putting in some effort in taking care of them. However, the life of a hat will not be that great if you do not take proper care of it. Take a look at some of these effective tips for maintaining your hats in top shape. 

Use Soft Brushes For Regular Cleaning

If you use a hard brush to clean your hat, the natural bristles will scratch your hat’s surface, which can be harmful. To prevent this from happening, use soft brushes to do regular cleaning. In addition, you can use different brush sizes for cleaning your straw hats. You can find best straw hats in the market at Americanhatco

Straw is a delicate material with a high chance of breaking when you apply extra pressure. Therefore make sure you use special brushes or soft wet cloth to clean your straw hats. This way, you will get rid of dirt and dust particle without causing any damage to the material and shape of straw hats. 

Keep Hats Away From Dust

If you keep your hats in a dusty environment for too long, this will lead to premature wear of material and damage on the surface. So try to avoid dust as much as possible as it can cause some serious damage on top of causing premature wear of material and surface durability. 

There are special hat storing cabinets available in the market, which you can use to improve your hat storage game. The margin for error becomes small when we are talking about keeping your hats safe. Another great idea is to get special cupboards designed in your wardrobes to keep all your hats in a dust-free environment. 

Regular Shaping With Special Reshaping Tools

Regular shaping of your hats helps in preventing them from breaking. However, if you do not pay special attention and do not reshape your hats at regular intervals, there are high chances of damage to the shape and material. Therefore take special care of your straw hats and make sure you reshape them at least once a year. 

Buying a hat block is a good way to reshape your hats perfectly. However, before buying any hat-shaping block, consider your hat’s overall design and shape first. Once you are set, you will be surprised to see how much change reshaping can bring to your hats. 

  • Use Sun Protective Hats When Needed

If you are going out for an extended period in the sun, please use a sun protective hat. There is no point in buying a nice hat if you will damage its shape by exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Hats with a large brim are ideal for providing protection of your head and face from the sun. However, if you want to buy a hat, make sure that it offers an adequate UV protection level and fulfills other criteria like style preferences and comfort levels.

Consider The Design Of Your Hats

All hats are not created equally. The style and design of a hat can tell you a lot about its qualities. For instance, Panama hats have their durability and strength tested before arriving on the market. 

Also, they are handcrafted using skilled methods, which ensure they last long. On the other hand, straw hats are less durable when compared to their counterparts and can be damaged by rough use or weather conditions. So, you need to look out for design features that make them strong and effective. 

Choose A Hat That Fits Your Lifestyle

Hats are made for different types of atmospheres. However, if you want your hat to serve you for longer, you need to pay attention to its design and material. When choosing a hat, look out for the type of business it mainly serves, such as a reporter or farmers, and the weather conditions where it will be used most often. By taking this step, you can easily choose the right hat that will suit your lifestyle needs perfectly without having any issues later on.

If you want to enjoy a long time with your straw hats, you can try these tips mentioned above for their maintenance. These maintenance and storage tips are also applicable to different hat types.

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