How to Set Up the Perfect Lederhosen Costume with Gamsbart

Whether you’re going to an Oktoberfest or just having a Bavarian-themed party at home, it is important that you make your Oktoberfest Look complete. The first thing that guests notice will definitely be your look and costume. And to bring out the best in it, you need everything that most people forget – Alpine hats! Oktoberfest Lederhosen are great when paired with a nice Alpine hat.

A German ‘Gamsbart’ is a hat accessory found in Southern Germany and Northern Austria. The Gamsbart, which is an elaborate decoration worn by traditional Tyrolean hat wearers, was originally added to hats as a sign of victory during a hunting expedition.

These days, you can find this accessory worn by Alpine hunters, Bavarian folk dancers, and beer drinkers at local festivals. Although the Gamsbart appears like an ordinary hair comb, it has special meanings and traditions that are deeply rooted in German culture and folklore. 

Let us explore more about German cultural hats. 

Classic Gamsbart History 

The genuine Gamsbart is made from the beard of the chamois or a mountain goat. The choice of many Bavarian hunters and “Gamsbart Träger”, the Gamsbart, or Beard of Chamois, has been a symbol of masculinity, freedom, and power for generations.

Each winter, the Alpine goat Gams grows a long mane of hair on its neck and back. In the past, when a hunter killed one of these goats, the long hair was saved and made into a stunning hatband. 

Tradition says that each Gamsbart should be made from genuine fox or badger fur, which are both natural products. Even though there are plenty of fake Gamsbarts being sold online, their quality is no match for the original German Gamsbart that was designed over 200 years ago by master craftsmen.

You have become quite familiar with Gamsbart now; if you attend an Oktoberfest party, remember to watch out for these things:

  • The bigger the Gamsbart, the higher the wearer’s social standing.
  • The size of the Gamsbart is a factor in its price. The bigger it is, the higher its price. 

Coming towards the hat pins, which is another essential accessory like Gamsbart.  Collectible hat pins can be a fun way to express your personality and add flair to your Lederhosen. They come in many unique designs that range from beer stein pins to Oktoberfest hat pins for men.

Purpose of Custom Hat Pins 

The purpose of a custom hat pin varies, depending on its designer. For example, the designer may design a pin to provide a hat with a unique accent.  Pin collectors and hat wearers can both enjoy custom, personalized pins made from a variety of metals, such as silver or gold. Themes and messages vary widely, from sports teams to public safety organizations to businesses.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or a new piece to add to your collection, custom pins are perfect. They make great mementos and keepsakes of important events. Gift them to family, friends, clients, and employees. They can be given out on special occasions or to commemorate an achievement.

Lapel pins are a great way of attracting new fans, clients, and employees during Oktoberfest. If someone sees you wearing one, they will assume that you support a particular organization and may well be interested in joining it themselves.

Types of Hat Pins You Must Have to Pair with Your Lederhosen!

Vintage Hat Pins 

There are many types of metal that can be used to make vintage hat pins, such as silver, zinc alloy, silver filigree, pewter, and brass. Some vintagers use Tibetan silver as well.

These materials are often used to make hat pins that can look especially attractive when combined with precious gems. Vintage hat pins were sometimes made of gold or silver-plated metal. Some manufacturers used amber or red glass beads for a more colorful look. 

Pearls are attached to the design of vintage hatpins. These will cover many famous sports personalities, as well as battles from the air force and army.

Oktoberfest Hat Pins

German-style fedoras, also known as Alpine hats or Tyrolean hats, are often decorated with Oktoberfest pins. The Bavarian hat is a popular fashion accessory in Australia, Germany, and Italy.

Traditional Oktoberfest hats have been a huge part of the traditional Bavarian costume since 1810, and they are an integral part of lederhosen costumes as well as dirndls. They are an essential component of celebrating Oktoberfest in style. 

You can give your German fedora a real Oktoberfest flair by adding a traditional Bavarian hat pin. These hard enamel or metal pins are often designed in the shape of an eagle, a bear, and other Bavarian symbols.

So next time you are about to purchase your lederhosen, never forget these essential hat accessories. Hold on! Haven’t you bought your Oktoberfest costume yet? We have a solution!

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