What Is Grounding, and Can It Help Improve Your Health?

Could a simple thing like walking barefoot or using an earthing mat help us feel better? The answer is yes. Our body is made of elements that already exist in Nature. All living and nonliving beings are connected to earth through energies. When you are electrically grounded, you feel-

  • Centered
  • Balanced
  • Solid
  • Strong 
  • Stress-free
  • Tension-free

The Earth Connection

There are several benefits of being rounded. It heals several problems without medicine. As they say-” Nature has the answer .” It makes sense with the usefulness of grounding. Hippies are known for their chilled-out attitude and mostly being happy. They are the community mostly remaining barefoot. 

Removing your shoes and connecting to mother earth has health benefits, such as boosting immunity, regulating sleep, and reducing tension. Grounding is also known as earthing. It is when you make an electrical connection to the earth’s energy. The simplest form of earthing is walking barefoot in the grass. 

Science Behind Grounding

As radical as it seems, grounding is nothing but simple science. Humans are individual bioelectrical beings that carry a positive charge. On the other hand, the earth has a negative charge. When humans make contact through grounding, they discharge their excess energy—producing a healing effect at a cellular level. 

There is not a massive vault of studies on grounding yet. Research that is done on grounding shows a notable improvement in blood chemistry, pain relief, immune response, and inflammation. Another research suggests that the earth is a living matrix with a central connection to all living cells. Electrical conductivity held the matrix together.

What We Do VS What We Should Do?

We live on a concrete foundation instead of an earthen floor. We commute in cars instead of walking across the prairies. We wear rubber shoes. We sleep on synthetic beds instead of floor-based pads. We do not harvest but buy items from shops. In a nutshell, we are less in contact with the land and electrical energy. Thus we miss out on the nourishing electrons. 

Earthing is the healthy practice of putting your skin in direct contact with the earth’s surface. The earth-body connection generates an electrical charge. It helps with inflammation and healing and prevents disease. According to science experts, using an earthing mat nurtures our contact with soils. Direct skin-to-earth contact allows electrons to flow freely from the earth’s surface to your body. In other words, the act of grounding can have antioxidant effects. 

Final Word

In today’s world, we are not much in direct touch with the earth. That factor is a significant contributor to modern health problems. Get back in touch with the earth’s surface and experience a wealth of positive health perks. Active grounding brings the goodness of more energy and less fatigue, good mood, chronic pain relief, better sleep, stress less ness, and much more. 

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