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Would I be saving money without an agent?

Buying and selling a property is a major process, and there are numerous things to consider throughout it. There are unseen costs that were forgotten during the decision-making process that just pop up when you least expect them, and you may rethink the decision to employ a buyer’s agent or vendor advocate because you might want to save a few bucks. However, throughout the whole process, your agent is the one who will help you through the complications and incidents that may arise, and a trustworthy one will ideally have your back, so don’t think twice. You might not ‘need’ a buyers’ agent or vendor’s advocate, but their presence is definitely a relief. 

In today’s competitive housing market, the process of purchasing or listing a home can be quite daunting for prospective buyers and sellers. The stresses, obstacles, and time required to find a home that meets your preferences, budget, and goals can quickly become overwhelming. As a result, getting professional assistance along the way can be beneficial. This is where buyer’s agents and seller’s advocates come into play.

Buyer agent Melbourne helps prospective buyers find the best home or property at the best price while taking the guesswork out of various steps of the purchasing process. A vendor advocate is someone who assists you, the vendor, in the sale of your property. A vendor advocate works alongside your chosen real estate agent throughout the entire house sales process, ensuring that all marketing is correct, costs are accurate, and your chosen realtor follows through on their promises to you.

If you are looking to buy or sell property in Melbourne, you will need some assistance, and you can use a buyer’s agent or a vendor advocate for your real estate needs. They will assist you with the following requirements:

  • Strategy – A buyer’s advocate in Melbourne will create a “Buyer’s Brief” based on a buyer’s specific needs and preferences so that buyers can focus on the best suburbs that meet their lifestyle and budget requirements, while a vendor advocate will list the house. 
  • Research – Using their vast knowledge of suburbs and cities to educate buyers on their primary suburbs of interest.
  • Shortlisting – Searching for and matching suitable properties to the buyer’s criteria, as well as adding your listing to similar properties to attract attention.
  • Evaluation – Confirm the current market value of a desirable property with the buyer.
  • Negotiation – Bringing a buyer’s offer to the seller and discussing the best price and terms for the buyer.
  • Securing – Making a final offer and coordinating the contract exchange with those involved.

Real estate transactions also involve extensive paperwork, mortgage statements, appraisals, proof of insurance, and sale contracts, and these agents are qualified to direct you through them.  Many people, particularly those who are inexperienced or short on time, may find that hiring a buyer’s agent or vendor advocate is worthwhile. At Wakelin Property Advisory, there are buyers’ agents and vendor advocate melbourne who are familiar with the neighbourhoods and know the specifics of each listing, so they can cater to your specific needs, and make your real estate transaction smooth and worry-free.

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