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MbenzGram (MBGram) Explains Why Car Headers Are Popular Upgrades

Car headers aren’t strictly necessary, but they take up a good amount of space on the aftermarket for those who think of themselves as car enthusiasts. The easy upgrade changes a vehicle’s performance while creating a different noise many find pleasant. 

These days, car headers are more popular than ever. Some people remain unfamiliar with what they do, but after doing some research, it becomes clear that it might be an option worth exploring.

What Does a Car Header Do?

A car header serves as a way to get rid of back pressure created in the manifold. In a typical setup, there is one pipe that all the cylinders share. With a car header, each cylinder has an exhaust pipe connecting to the collector pipe. This is a bigger pipe for the car.

What Type of Impact Can an Aftermarket Car Header Make?

The main reason why people install an aftermarket car header is so that it will improve exhaust flow coming out of the engine. This helps with overall car performance that a lot of drivers start to notice right away.

A slight boost in horsepower also intrigues a lot of drivers looking to install a car header. On average, a good aftermarket option will increase horsepower by about 5%. This might not seem like a lot, but that means horsepower can go up by about 15 units.

Sound is subjective, but many drivers believe that the car sounds better with a car header. It gives a more powerful sound that drivers just can’t get with standard parts.

Finally, this significantly reduces back pressure in a car‘s exhaust system. This doesn’t seem like much of an issue in the beginning when driving a car, but it increases negatively over time. Getting ahead of any issue cuts down on bigger issues later.

Are There Any Negatives to Installing a Car Header?

Few negatives exist as long as the aftermarket car header is installed correctly. However, there is a chance that the car header is too noisy and receives complaints. There’s also a chance that certain car headers will change the air-to-fuel ratio too much. When that happens, the components inside of a car engine can be negatively impacted.

The good news is that reviews usually highlight any aftermarket products that don’t live up to the billing. It’s easy to read reviews on all products that MbenzGram (MBGRAM) offers so that a person knows if they are making a good purchase or not.

What to Check When Buying an Aftermarket Car Header

If a car header seems like a good choice, the next step is buying one. There’s a checklist that people should put together to ensure that their buying experience is great.


Aftermarket parts usually do a pretty good job of letting people know what they are compatible with. If there are any issues, it could be detrimental for them as a brand.

It’s still always worth checking compatibility on any sales page. At MbenzGram (MBGRAM), there’s always compatibility information listed before a person checks out. It makes shopping that much more convenient.


A frustrating thing when shopping for aftermarket parts is that quality can have a pretty wide range. It’s why some are against aftermarket parts in the first place. Some brands are known for exceeding expectations and being better than the original parts, while others take every shortcut possible.

Car headers shouldn’t be messed with too much from a quality standpoint. Not only can they end up doing more harm than good, but they might not last all that long when skimping. It is better to spend a little bit more money for high-quality than to be extremely cheap about it.


Every aftermarket part should come with some type of warranty to give shoppers extra assurance. A warranty provides coverage if anything goes wrong with the part itself, but there’s also the option of getting a bigger warranty that covers connected damage to the entire vehicle.

If a company isn’t offering a warranty, it’s usually a pretty big red flag. Competition forces the top companies to always provide some type of warranty and stand by their product.


Finally, the price must be factored in when shopping for the right car header. There are quite a few aftermarket options out there, so that helps keep the price down. That said, it can get pretty expensive shopping for the best options from highly-rated companies.

This isn’t so much of a concern if an upgrade to the car header is the only thing planned. However, if it’s part of bigger upgrades overall, it might make sense to do some budgeting to get everything under control.

Is it Worth Purchasing a Car Header?

A picture of a person asking if purchasing a car header worth it?

Ultimately, everyone will have different needs with their vehicle. A car header can be a great upgrade without having to spend a ton of money. There’s a reason why so many people look for aftermarket performance options in this category.

Any time a person can improve performance and have a better-sounding vehicle, it’s bound to be a popular choice. MbenzGram (MBGRAM) offers a few different solutions for people working with different budgets. Getting the right fit is easy after doing a little bit of research.

How MBGRAM Can Help with Shopping Car Headers

MbenzGram (MBGRAM) is a very trusted company that sells car headers as well as many other types of options. They have detailed descriptions, compatibility, and other information for hundreds of thousands of parts.

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