Five Reasons To Start A Career In Tourism

Five Reasons To Start A Career In Tourism

Most people doing the 9-5 jobs face a tedious lifestyle and poor work-life balance. They resort to vacations to escape the hustle-bustle of cities to avoid crowds, relax their mind and gain incredible experiences. If you also want to escape the 9-to-5 grind, why not apply for a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life. A hospitality and tourism career will be the best fit if you are an avid traveler. You can sign up for hospitality and tourism courses to gain people skills and successfully launch a career in this fastest-growing industry.

Now you must wonder why you should opt for a hospitality and tourism course, right? So, we will delve into the top five compelling reasons to choose a career in hospitality and tourism.

1. You get paid for traveling

Choosing a career in travel and tourism will allow you to earn while traveling. Imagine you will get paid for pursuing your passion. Amazing, isn’t it? The travel industry offers various career opportunities that pay well. You can look forward to job opportunities including Tour Guide, Event Manager, Transport Officer, Travel Writer, and Airhostess. You will require skills to work in the tourism industry, such as confidence, flexibility, communication skills, a well-groomed personality, diligence, and strong interpersonal skills.

2. You will develop transferable skills

Transferable and people skills are imperative to work in the tourism industry. Studying hospitality and tourism courses equip you with a set of hard and soft skills, helping you thrive in this industry. A few must-have tourism skills include customer service, networking, communication, flexibility, organizational agility, commitment, passion, dedication, resilience, and a can-do attitude.

3. Opportunities to explore the world

From an offbeat location to the most-visited places, a professional working in the tourism industry gets opportunities to explore the world. While traveling, you will experience various cultures and traditions, meet new people, learn a new language, and have more holidays.

4. Opens doors to various industries

If you think that pursuing a hospitality and tourism course only leads to a career in this service-oriented industry, then you have a misconception. Hospitality and tourism courses prepare you for a spectrum of industries by providing various valuable skills and knowledge. The course also increases your value in the eyes of potential recruiters.

5. You can make a lucrative earning

People working in the travel and tourism industry enjoy competitive compensation. According to, the average salary of employees in the travel industry in Canada is CAD 41,599 per year. The pay in the travel industry varies based on the job type, experience, skills, gender, and location. There are various other perks of working in the tourism industry, and employees are also entitled to satisfactory appraisals.

If you believe that studying hospitality and tourism sharpens your skills and improves the chances of landing well-paying jobs, consider top colleges in Canada’s Toronto to earn a degree. Visit top institutes and apply for the course.

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