Why Retailers Are Wholesale Silicone Beads at Newtoprubber

The mom and baby field is full of products that can be offered to future parents for many purposes. Mostly and especially as toys and teething toys too. Because of this, the big retailers are always going to be on the lookout for the best suppliers they can get to get wholesale silicone beads for their products. 

These silicone beads are used in so many teethers. Silicone teethers have become probably one of the most necessary accessories in a baby’s daily life. Why? Well, while they chew them, this chewing will create pressure on their gums, distracting them from the pain and discomfort that they are getting from their new emerging teeth. 

Customized Logo Printed BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Baby Shell Teether Factory

It is a softer material than other ones for the babies to chew they also can become more interesting entertainment as they are beginning to explore the world on their own. Because silicone is not only non-toxic but also odorless, baby teethers made out of silicone, will be very safe and also durable for your baby. They will also be chemical and heat resistant and of course, they will be very easy to clean. 

Who is Newtop Rubber? 

I think it is a very simple answer. Because they deliver quality products made out of liquid silicone rubber. But I’m going to expand on the reasons why they are the best ones and who they are.

Based in Xiamen China, Newtop Rubber has over 12 years of experience providing solutions to silicone rubber injection. They have become one of the top manufacturers of liquid silicone rubbers or LSR. They are one of the few manufacturers and mixers that provide this product with excellent quality. 

New Design Food Grade BPA Free Three-Dimensional Silicone Baby Teether Toy Maker

New Design Food Grade BPA Free Three-Dimensional Silicone Baby Teether Toy Maker

Their goal is to fulfill your needs whether with their existing products as well as customizing them. They follow the highest of standards when it comes to quality control in their entire process of production. From the 3D artwork design, making the mold, mixing the rubber, molding, extrusion cutting the bur, and packaging the finished products. 

To avoid any failures and ensure the high quality of their products, their products are of course made out of high-quality materials, maintaining their functional stability, especially under harsh conditions. 

Their products are used in many different industries, like construction, automobiles, agriculture, mother and babies, consumer products, medical care, and also food and beverage.  This is only possible because they use the highest quality raw materials that also come from the best raw material suppliers, and they will use the raw material characteristics to make different parts for different needs and scenarios. 

Wholesale Silicone Letter Beads Baby Teether Free BPA

Wholesale Silicone Letter Beads Baby Teether Free BPA

The products offered by them won’t only have the general characteristics of rubber products but they can also achieve special ones if they are required by their customers.  

Why do retailers choose Newtop Rubber?

The Newtop Rubber team is always committed to recommending their clients the best high-quality liquid silicone products that will help you expand your projects and business. 

They do have a multi-category product mold, and because of this, they can produce products that meet your needs with very short turnaround times. Besides that, they also used food and medical-grade liquid silicone materials to create their renowned high-quality products. 

Food Grade Silicone Wooden Animals Teether Ring

Food Grade Silicone Wooden Animals Teether Ring

They are a source manufacturer, so they can offer better prices than any intermediated trades, and they also assure stricter quality control. When it comes to customizing products, their professional engineers and design team will work to create practical solutions that will meet your needs and maximize all the benefits. 

You won’t have any problems communicating with their sales and after-sales team, as they will help you with your order in the most efficient way. You won’t only find their products locally in china but also all around the world because their customers trust them to provide the most durable products around. 

Hot Selling Low Price BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Elephant Shape Baby Teether

Hot Selling Low Price BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Elephant Shape Baby Teether

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