Peanut Gajak

Make This Winter Special with Peanut Gajak

In the colder time of year, the food of the city encounters a restoration. Many dishes and tidbits that are not well known in the mid-year become widespread in the city. You can regularly see merchants selling dishes that you didn’t know existed. Something such as the flavorful Daulat ki chaat, yet all at once erring on that later. Probably the best spot to taste winter food varieties in Delhi is the renowned Chandni Chowk.

From blistering gulab jamuns loaded with syrup to kadak chai for those virus winter nights, Chandni Chowk brings a great deal to the table. Different areas of interest incorporate Majnu ka Tilla, Connaught Place, Chawri Bazar, Nizammudin, Amar Colony, and so on

As the crisp breezes of the Himalayas start to clear into the Northern fields – Delhi has started to encounter dropping of temperatures the day by day. Early morning mists are beginning to be seen. Individuals have begun air drying their substantial covers and wearing sweaters. Tea slows down are encountering a soaring development and the whole city is by all accounts moving somewhat more slowly.

As the winter season approaches, there’s a nip in the air, and it’s that time of year when we suddenly crave all things warm and indulgent. There are plenty of winter special meals to choose from, like scalding hot adrak wali chai and delectable gajar ka halwa. But let’s be honest: a bit of nutty, sweet gajak after a meal may make the entire gastronomic experience pretty appealing. You can buy peanut patties online to enjoy their rich flavor and crunchiness. 

During the winter, this unique kind of til-Patti or gur-Patti begins to pop up all over the marketplaces. Gajak or Kazak refers to a sort of sweet that is usually a layered and brittle yet light confection made from sesame or peanuts and jaggery or sugar.

Gajak is warm in nature and is eaten throughout northern India throughout the winter season to keep the body warm from within, as both nuts and jaggery are winter-specific foods. During the winter, eating gajak may offer you a lot of advantages:

1 Satisfies well because gajak is prepared with high-fiber sesame seeds or nuts, it’s a terrific winter snack that will keep you full for a long time, preventing untimely hunger pangs.

2. Good for the Skin: Peanuts are high in vitamin C and E, which assist to slow down the aging process. They also contain resveratrol, which is a powerful anti-aging phytochemical that also offers you clear, beautiful skin.

3. Boosts Energy: Due to its presence of it, a small slice of gajak right before or after your workout may help raise your energy levels.

4. Aids Digestion: Jaggery is also believed to aid digestion and promote regular bowel motions.

There is only something about the taste of the sweets. The sweetness of the snacks in winters and the entrancing fragrance of newly made gajak make it perhaps the best thing during the chilly seasons. Winter food varieties in Delhi experience are fragmented without immersing huge nibbles of tasty items.

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