John Mayer Gay

Is John Mayer Gay: His Bond with Andy Cohen Exposes Truth

It is normal to hear rumours about successful celebrities. Be it a singer, dancer, or famous actor. People are so obsessed with knowing about their background, relationship, and social nature that they want to know even their private matters. Be it an American or international celebrity, the public becomes excited when any rumour blows into the air. Many raise questions about their sexual relationship. Those who don’t want to reveal their relationship become an easy target of gossip and discussions. Just like John Mayer, people are nowadays also searching for other stars, such as ‘Dana Deggs,’ who is famous as the black actress in the skyrizi commercial.

In this blog, we will talk about whether John Mayer is gay or bisexual. 

Why Do People Want to Know If John Mayor is Interested in Men? 

John Mayer is a well-known popular American guitarist, singer and songwriter. He started his career in 2001. Music was on his nerves, as the well-known guitarist always wanted to be an independent musician. He studied and graduated in music. He formed a band named – Lo – fi masters. He first joined as a musician in Columbia, where he released his first album. In his career, some happenings make people ask if he is sexually interested in men.

He was spirited, enticing, and had an angelic personality with a benevolent character. The public also called him sanguine for his zeal to excel and achieve everything he desired. His family and fans love him and always honour him for what he is.

He has always been the reason for discussion, as he never opens up about his relationship. Following his first album, he started working on another and gained wide popularity in the music industry. Therefore, his popularity is another reason behind people sneaking into his intimacy.

John Mayer’s Relationship Status

As a successful musician, singer John always wanted to keep himself apart from unnecessary debates and rumours. He never spoke about his relationship and never confirmed if he was gay. 

His fans raised questions about his sexuality as they got to see many photos with his main colleagues in which John looks close to them. 

People assume that John Mayor is gay because he has a close friendship with Andy Cohen. According to sources, the picture posted by the music artist shows their closeness and love for each other. The quotes posted by John are intensely raising questions over his relationship with Andy Cohen. 

Breaking his silence, John describes his friendship with Andy Cohen as the purest form of attachment, care, and affection two friends share. He reveals his closeness with him by identifying him as his closest friend who supports him at his lowest; he describes him as his best supporter, guardian, and mentor. 

He mentions, “There is no sexual attachment between us; we are best friends and share a loyal bond.”

John Mayer’s relationship with Taylor Swift shows he is not gay. Not only that, but he also dated other actresses like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and so on, which is the perfect reason he is interested in women. 

The only reason people think he is gay is his affection for Andy Cohen in his ups and downs, which is why he is always in discussions.


Successful celebrities are always among the rumors. It can be anything related to their relationship, sexual life, or achievements. People are more concerned about their relationship status than anything else. His past relationships show his interest in women. Even his friendship with Andy Cohen is irrelevant evidence to show him as bisexual. He is a simple, passionate man focused on his music career and wants to uplift himself at his best. 

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