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If You are Facing Slow Intenet Then Go For A Linksys Extender Setup

You are also like the users which are facing the extender setup issues. We are getting complaints from almost 50% of the users. No issues, we will not leave you with the same issues as we are having many techniques to help you out. 

Velop Extender Are Specialized With These Features

These extenders are specialized to allow you to make a huge area to transfer the WiFi signals equally to all the parts near the home devices smartly. So that, you can enjoy the internet in the garages and the corridors as well.

If your extender will be set up in a good way then, it can even help you with the Linksys Velop setup app.

But, before you just start with the setup keep the following things ready:

  • There should be at least an internet connection. 
  • You need to install a Linksys app on your mobile phone or your Laptop or computer.  
  • Configure that your existing Velop network Setup is a parent node. 

To Set Up The Velop Through App

For instructions tap here and access the dashboard for instructions. 

  1. Let’s begin the process by tapping the menu icon on the setup of the product.
  2. In addition, there will be an existing network name then, you will get an option to add a new name. 
  3. Therefore, check the next one with the new name of the extender.
  4. In this step, you will be recommended to turn the Bluetooth on.
  5. But first, read the instructions on how to place the extender before tapping the next. 
  6. Plug the extender of the Velop and press the next button but make sure the light on the Velop is turned purple. 
  7. You have to wait as the process of setting up the new name could take about a minute. 
  8. Press the yes option if the purple light is visible on the extender.

Note: If the light is blinking in any other color then, immediately choose the no option.

  1. Now, again add a name to the Velop. Hold on as it will take a minute.
  2. Click on the Spot finder to determine after searching for a better location.
  3. But, yes before detaching the devices make sure you have the proper purple light. As the extender takes time to boot up.
  4. As a result, you can give a name here to your extender.
  5. You can also choose the name from the given options. 

NOTE: On the other hand, you can customize the name as per your preference. Then choose the Next. 

  1. Congratulations! As you are on the new extender. So select the Next option to proceed to the settings page. 
  2. Great as you are almost there! Finally, now you are ready to head toward your settings. 
  3. Select the dashboard by clicking Go on the settings.

If you are on the dashboard then press hard on Network Administration, from the menu icon. But only if you want to do some new settings or the configuration on your extender. Apart from that, to do the Linksys Velop setup without app, you can access the web-based setup portal. 

The Existing Router Configuration Is Necessary 

  • The router configuration is also necessary. So, the simple configuration given here will help you connect your router. However, you have to connect it physically. 
  • You need to first plug your router to plug the wall socket. 
  • Though you first have to remove the additional wires which are in connection to your PC. First, unfix the power adapter from the socket and then verify if the power light is ON. 
  • Now, finally, confirm if the router is functioning properly.
  • Connect the router. Plug one end into the electronic equipment and also the one into the router.

Check the Internet

  • If you are trying to connect another port to the router, link your device using the wired connection and check whether the internet is still connecting.  But, what if the error message comes to you, in this case, you need to contact your ISP to fix this problem soon. As the issue does not cause others who are using the same network.

Setting Up WiFi Access Point Mode:

  • The Linksys Extender Setup is essential to Access the point to the router for connecting it properly.
  • You can log in to any device to retransmit the SSID router, to log in with a password.
  • Other wireless signals will depend on the distance and the range.
  • Everything will depend on the distance, and mainly on the range of the Linksys extender.

For instance, an Ethernet cable can run to the router in a detached garage that is far from home and attached to the Linksys WiFi Extender setup that will act as an access point.

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