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How to Get a New LPG Connection

  • TRANSPORTABLE: LPG is generally stored in a cylinder due to which it can be easily taken from one place to another. Also with all necessary precautions, it can be easily stored at home without taking much space.
  • NATURE FRIENDLY: LPG hardly emits any harmful gases to the atmosphere which makes it environmentally friendly.

To get a new gas connection offline you need to follow these simple steps :

  • Find your home LPG gas suppliers in your nearest area who can deliver gas cylinders at the right time.
  • Get the application form for getting a new gas connection from your distributor’s office.
  • You need to submit all the necessary documents along with your application form.
  • The documents and application fLPG which is popularly known as cooking gas is used widely for domestic purposes. Due to the several benefits of LPG, people all over the world prefer it over other sources of energy. Also, LPG is convenient to use and environmentally friendly. Everybody wants to use an economical fuel and LPG when compared to other fuels is quite economical in terms of maintenance. It takes less time to heat due to its high calorific value. Booking LPG or getting a new connection has become very easy with websites and through the LPG new connection app. Anybody can download a mobile app if they have a smartphone and book an LPG from anywhere anytime.

Why is LPG a perfect choice for your domestic purposes?

  • VERSATILE: From commercial to non-commercial, LPG is an efficient fuel to work with. Its high calorific value decreases the time for heating when compared to other fuels. 
  • orm ensures that the given details by you are authentic.
  • The documents are verified thoroughly by the gas company and then you are required to proceed with the payment process.
  • Customers can pay through different chosen modes of payment cash or digitally according to their convenience.
  • You will be provided with a reference number after your payment has been accepted and this number will help you to track your gas cylinder for future deliveries.


This is another way for booking through IVRS of your gas company and it is equally convenient to booking online.

The important thing to ensure while refilling is that the cooking gas in the cylinder is controlled by the gas pressure to make sure that no gas is present in the cylinder. Only trained technicians are allowed to refill and should not be done by an untrained person

In case of refilling and with so many LPG dealers available, all you have to do is type ‘cooking gas refill near me ‘ and you will be flooded with all the options.


In earlier days booking and refilling of LPG cylinders used to be a long and tiring process. Even after standing in long queues would not guarantee your booking of a new gas connection.

But nowadays it has become very easy by booking online. Consumers can pay easily online through net banking or any other convenient mode for refiling. In the current situation where safety is most important, this online booking system for refiling is very convenient and hassle-free because there is no physical contact between the distributor and customer. And with all the data available online you get the cylinder at the right time and the chances of error are also very less. After booking for a cylinder refill you get an SMS or notification which makes it easy for you to track. Most of the gas dealers have their app so if you have a smartphone you can book it from anywhere anytime.

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