Bachelor of Commerce

Career opportunities for Bachelor of Commerce degree

The business sector is vast and dynamic, fuelled by the latest trends and technologies that directly impact work operations. Students planning to enter this sector have to invest in a good degree that offers them the needed knowledge and stability to grow in this field. 

Bachelor of Commerce is one such degree that can help you embark on a successful career ahead. It carries relevant learning and makes you capable to pursue job roles in versatile sectors – marketing, sales, finance and more. 

Commerce gives you the necessary skill set that is applicable in a variety of verticals, which makes you competent to apply for various entry-level positions. With experience, you can easily move towards leadership roles and can handle managerial responsibilities. There are several career opportunities that you can opt for with a bachelor of commerce degree. 


The job profile of an accountant comes with several important responsibilities such as auditing financial documents, calculating tax payments and returns and more. This job role is pivotal for every organisation as it involves handling financial transactions. 

It is the job of an accountant to give accurate quantitative information to the organisations on various topics such as financial position, liquidity and most importantly the cash flow of business. An accountant ensures that the business is complying with tax regulations. 

Finance Manager 

The financial manager is another very important job profile in the business sector as every organisation, especially big firms, need such experts. Smaller businesses also need financial managers but the responsibilities can vary. In smaller firms, they might be asked to manage the entire financial operation but in a large organization where work is expansive, the role of a financial manager is focused on a particular aspect of finance, like financial reporting. 

Other common responsibilities in this job role include managing credit, making cash flow statements, budgeting, directing investments and more. 

Marketing Manager 

Every business that is looking to grow has to work on building a strong marketing strategy. Only when a product or service is able to reach the target audience can the business achieve any profit. Marketing is the tool through which a brand can achieve visibility and for this, they need a team of experts. 

A marketing manager is the one who heads this team and carries out many important responsibilities such as analysing market trends, generating new leads, optimizing marketing strategies, managing the marketing budget and also overseeing all advertising campaigns. For More Information Visit

Research analyst 

No company can think of surviving for long without using data as part of all their business strategies. Data provides valuable insights on everything be it the market or customers but on its own, data is invaluable unless it is analysed. 

A research analyst plays this important role in analysing data after collecting and compiling it. They obtain valuable information and use it to study market conditions along with making useful strategies. With the help of a research analyst, the company can know about the sale graph of a product or even understand the easiest way to connect with customers and fulfil their requests. 

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