Buying Chewables for Your Dog

Everyone wants the best for our little pups. But at least once in their lifetime, they are probably going to be riddled with fleas and ticks. This can cause extreme discomfort and is a long-term health issue for many dogs. Even the best flea medicine like Nexgard Spectra for dogs offers so many options that it can get quite confusing to pick the right one.

Answer these questions as a guide to buying the right kind of medicine for your dog.

What Are Their Health Concerns?

Apart from fleas and ticks, man’s best friend often also struggles with intestinal worms and heartworms. Their health can be just as sensitive as their love and loyalty can be strong. Fleas can transmit diseases like anaemia and other allergies. You should only pick medicines like Nexgard Spectra for dogs that do not worsen these conditions but protect against them.

What Flavours Do They Love?

Most of these furry pets love the taste of beef. Just the smell can get their mouth drooling with anticipation. And while most pet owners struggle to medicate their pets because of unpleasant smells and tastes, you can now find flea medicine with a more aromatic beef flavour.

With delicious chewable as medicine, you should have no trouble keeping your pet tick-free.

Age: How Old Are They? (And More)

Just like humans, medicine is always administered only after careful consideration of the body’s functions. These vary according to age and weight. While you don’t want medicine that is too heavy for a small pup, you want to make sure your little friend is getting a sufficient dosage for the medicine to truly work. Good medicine brands like Nexgard Spectra for dogs will offer five different sizes, including extra small and extra-large.

This way, you can find the right medicine, no matter the breed.

How Will They Take the Medicine?

Flea treatment can be topical, in the form of liquid or sprays, and can be ingested orally or injected. The former and the latter can be quite troublesome. And if you’ve got an especially mischievous pet? This can be big trouble.

Topical applications can smell very unpleasant. They probably will be as bothersome to you as they will to your little buddy. Moreover, if your dog is hyper and loves jumping around, he might transfer the medicine to various surfaces in the home.

Injections, let’s admit, are distressing for humans too. Rather than pricking them with a sharp needle now and then, wouldn’t you rather give your pet a yummy chewable that does the job with some fun?

Why Is Chewable Better Than Topical Medicine?

Here’s another reason why chewable might be better than topical medicine. If your pet is younger and active, they will likely seize every opportunity to bathe, swim, and jump around. With topical creams, you have to restrict their activity. And no dog parent enjoys saying ‘no’ to their child.

How Should Treatment Proceed?

Chewables can start having an effect within 8 hours of administration. Since they work from the outside, they are a more long-term solution. Their effects are extensive and can also prevent roundworms, hookworms, and dreaded heartworms.

If you have multiple pets and have dealt with the problem before, you know that you must separate a sick pet from the others. With chewable, your whole family can stay together without any worries.

A tick-free dog is a healthy dog, and a healthy dog is a happy dog.

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