5 Best Types Of YouTube Videos To Grow Views And Income On Your Channel

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms of the decade, and many content creators earn a decent amount of money with the help of YouTube videos. They often create content that people like to watch and earn money with the help of their talent. There are hundreds of different videos and their type available.

You can also make money from this platform by uploading different videos. With the help of the monetization feature and enabling Google AdSense, you can easily make money. Some videos might be better than others, and some videos only can achieve fewer views but working hard is necessary for better tomorrow.

Most popular YouTube video topics

  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Science and technology
  • Travel

These are most popular because people love watching different types of genres. So, it would be ideal for you to select the best topic according to your talent. For example, suppose you are good at the gaming sector. In that case, you should upload a video related to gaming, or if you are good at making funny videos, you can entertain people worldwide by showcasing your talent in front of thousands of people.

Type of videos that help you to grow

  1. Product reviews – Product reviews are one of the most common videos that you can find on YouTube. People often love to know about the product before buying them, so it would be ideal for you to make videos related to the product on this platform and review them fairly so that people can have faith in you before going for any product.

These videos always remain at the top of most viewed videos on YouTube. And it will help you to buy YouTube views organically. Ensure you use the product thoroughly and that you are in 100 % original reviews about the product, which are not biased because this will attract people more and gain trust for your channel.

  1. Product launch videos – Product launch videos are an effective way on YouTube to earn and support your channel with the help of upcoming products that will launch soon. Telling people about what will be launched first is a good thing and attracts many users to hide your channel. You can also make your product and tell about them.

Adding a link would be the perfect choice for you because it will help your viewers to get in touch with your product as soon as possible with the help of link. In addition, product launch videos can be very effective for making money and help you achieve a considerable number of followers on your channel.

  1. Video-based YouTube SEO – You can also make videos on how people can gain a lot of subscribers and views on their YouTube channel. People always try to find videos on these things. Apart from this, you can also tell them about YouTube policies and reach them regarding data leakage and theft.

Some people buy YT views from third-party applications or websites to achieve a lot of views on their videos. However, this is completely against YouTube policy, which may immediately lead to your account termination. Moreover, having contact with the third-party application can also lead to data leakage and theft because they cannot be trusted.

  1. Educational videos – Out of 100, around 50 % of YouTube users are students and often find videos that would help them with their studies. If you are a teacher with good teaching skills, then you can easily teach them their subject and earn considerable money just by teaching students.

Not only can you earn money with the help of teaching, but you can also sell your books or notes to the student who does require them. Many content creators do these things and ask their students to buy their notes which help both students and teacher to gain something.

  1. How-to videos – With billions of users on YouTube daily, people always search for how-to types of videos, which can be a good source of income for many people. For example, one of the most common questions for people is how to start cooking or how to cook Maggie or something like that. You can make videos on these things and solve people’s queries worldwide. 

These are specific videos related to a specific query. The keyword engagement in this type of video is also higher, so it will help the content creator to gain a lot of use on their videos.

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. However, YouTube is not a search engine; it still managed to surpass search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Around 10 % of the total, Google’s net worth is generated by YouTube only. You can select a category according to your preference and what kind of video you are comfortable with.

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