How to Make Your Home a Harder Target for Uninvited Intruders

5 Security Tips: How to Make Your Home a Harder Target for Uninvited Intruders

Unless you turn your home into a fortress, it is impossible to keep the burglars away. But you can make things hard for them so they don’t bother breaking in and go away elsewhere.

If the cost of improving your home security is keeping you away from it, think about the loss you may suffer when a burglar breaks into your home. 

Here are some effective ways to tighten your home security to keep your family safe.

Upgrade Your Front Door 

Even though it seems like burglars try to enter through back doors most of the time, the most common way is still the front door. Many of them simply enter when they see an opportunity just because the door hasn’t been secured properly. Firstly, if all the doors are no longer strong enough to keep intruders away, then get steel security doors installed for protection. 

Now that you have a double security door at your front door, follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Make sure to keep the door locked at all times.
  • When you move into a new house, get the locks changed. There may be more than one key lying around with someone.
  • Get a safe box installed around the home to store extra keys. The safe box comes with a pin code for extra safety. 
  • Upgrade the lock to a smart lock with a keypad or swipe card. 

Secure The Windows

Another way for intruders to break into your home is the windows that can break easily. Make sure to keep the side windows locked at night because they are preferred by an intruder.

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If your windows are quite old then consider replacing them with new ones that come with great security options like strong locks, laminated or reinforced glass, integrated night locks, and double glazing. 

Install Surveillance Camera

When you are away for a trip, installing CCTV cameras can be a great way to monitor movements around your home. Make sure the cameras are installed in a hidden spot where outsiders cannot spot them quickly. If they can, it indicates that you have valuables worth stealing at your home.

Get a camera that produces a high-quality image to identify faces properly. Keep an eye out for cars that stop outside your home even for a moment.

Add Obstructions Around the Home

Besides the lock, add other obstructions around the home to make it difficult for intruders to enter. Get a fence with security doors around your home for more protection.

Install a security alarm system for when someone breaks through the doors, a siren will go off that will alert the neighbors. Put on burglar bars on your windows even though it may seem unsightly.

Avoid Signs of Unoccupied Home

While you are away for a vacation, you need to avoid showing signs that could indicate that the home is empty. Ask your mail service to hold onto the mail for you, and not pile them up in the hallway. Make sure to notify the police and neighbors as well that your home will be vacant for some time.

Don’t post your vacation pictures until you have reached back home. Advertising your moves on social media gives the burglars an open invitation.

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