Why do children become bullies at schools?

Bullying has been common in educational institutions for decades. Some students and children in school always like to bully other students in their class or school. But have we ever spent a minute thinking about the reason behind bullying, or if children are becoming bullies, then why this is happening? Bullying refers to the constant and repeated aggressive behaviour of children when they, again and again, harm other students either physically or emotionally. But there are always some reasons behind every deviant behaviour. There are always something or some factors that become the reason for someone’s different behaviour.

Reasons children become bullies at schools:

Here we will discuss some reasons that become the root cause of making children bullies.

Problems and abusive behaviour at home:

One of the reasons behind the bullying attitude of children at school is the unlikely environment and problems at home. The problems and abusive behaviour at home filled the child’s aggression, anger, and violence. That came out in the form of bullying at school. Because of the power and control they lack at home, they write to fill up that gap by controlling other students through their power at school. The unhealthy relationship between parents and problems of the house lower the self-esteem of the child, but they did not want others to know it and cover it through bullying other children.

Lack of attention:

All children want love, attention, and care from their elders and parents. And this attention and care are very important for the good personality development of a child. Because when they get love and care, it becomes part of their personality, and they care for others too, but if that major chunk of care and attention of elders is lacking in their life, the consequences are quite harsh and even worse. And to get the attention of others, they do such acts that are either unusual or unacceptable in society. They behave differently instead of the normal pattern of attitude, and to get the attention of elders and other children, and they bully other students. As the act of bullying makes them prominent in everyone’s eye.

Need control and power:

Children have the desire for power and having control over other students. And to fulfil this desire, they bully students in the school. They enjoy their power and control by bullying their classmates. Usually, students who are physically strong try to get control over the weak students through physical strength. The bullies always bully those students or children who are weaker than them and who cannot harm them.

Thirst of popularity:

Another reason behind children becoming bullies is the thirst for popularity and the ager to look “cool” in their social circle and school. To increase and gain their social status, they diminish the social status of other students to become popular among all students. They usually spread rumours and false news and defame others by passing mean and shaming comments. They always have some gossips about others that make them popular, and everyone starts recognizing them, which gives them pleasure. Even in movies, popular children always seem to bully other students. This also motivates students to become bullies.

Revenge or payback:

Every action has a reaction, and every unusual behaviour has a reason. The same goes in the case of bullying. There is always a story behind children becoming bullies. Most of the time, students who have faced bullying and who have gone through this process of being bullied by others become bullies and try to take their revenge and want to pay back in the same coin by bullying other students. Children who were bullied earlier by their seniors or other students in their school as a reaction bullies other children at school. In another case, children become bullies when their siblings bully them at home.  Their anger and frustration came out in the form of abusive behaviour and bullying.

Seeking pleasure:

Children also become bullies just to seek pleasure and fun. It is quite common among students that they do wrong or go extreme only for fun and pleasure even they forget that they are hurting someone and mentally torturing someone. Making fun of each other, body shaming, and calling each other bad names are common among children. Even they cross boundaries and start bullying others without realizing it. But it is not always like that some students intentionally bully others for enjoyment and entertainment.


It is common among students, especially teens, to bully and target students who have different needs or are different from other students. For instance, some students have food allergies or any other allergy or problem than other students more often bulky them for their needs. Differences in religion and racism also become a reason behind bullying. Children target the child who belongs to the minority and bullies them because it is easy to bully them because usually those kids do not answer them and are unable to stand against the bullies. This also gave courage to bullies to repeat their bullying attitude repeatedly.

Peer pressure:

Some children become bullies only because of peer pressure. However, they did not want to bully other students. They did not enjoy bullying others because all of their friends and bullies and are engaged in bullying activities, so they also have to do this under peer pressure. Because they did not want to lose their friends and they also have fear if they will not do so, then there is a chance that they will bully them too.

Lack of empathy:

Empathy is when you are able to understand and feel the emotions and feelings of someone else. And lack of empathy is when you do not care about anyone’s feelings, and hurting someone is not a big deal for you. Every child who bullies lacks empathy. They were not concerned about what others felt and how their words and actions tortured and hurt someone. Since bullying at schools has got, recognized teachers and parents are trying their best to take precautionary measures and to overcome it. Even websites students use, such as assignment writing service or academic websites, also keep posting something about bullying. There are also several helplines where children can report and ask for help.

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