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This pandemic outbreak, as well as the state authorities’ subsequent directives, has resulted in the closure of schools, obstructing kids’ learning. The huge closures provide a formidable obstacle for both children and parents, but in the aftermath of the pandemic, people would seek cooperation to make this time useful and enjoyable for the pupils. The school plan to use online teaching because the school is starting a procedure to deliver fruitful academic experiences for students.

With this much free time, schools believe it is critical to keep students on a schedule. Through virtual learning and online classrooms, the school and all of the teachers are working hard to restore that regularity to children as soon as possible. The following several days will be challenging for their teachers as they prepare for distance learning by using online information, pre-recorded videos, and live online classrooms. As a result, the school will ask parents to make the appropriate arrangements at home so that their children can participate in the online sessions.

Furthermore, to make this work, schools have devised a digital strategy and a weekly schedule for how the lectures will be delivered online. The VP/HM will send the user a thorough timetable and process for connecting over ZOOM Platform or Microsoft Tools via email. Teachers will offer Online Orientations with parents and students to assist them in understanding the virtual learning rubrics. Users will soon receive the timetable and invitations from particular subject teachers, as well as online content videos, presentations, and assignments.

Humble ISD is pleased to provide parents with an easy way to track their children’s progress online. If some are willing to know more about HAC Humble then they are in the right place. The Home Access Center (HAC) is a one-stop-shop for parents and guardians to access their child’s schedule, attendance record, classwork, progress reports, report cards, registration information, and more. If a person has more than one student in the district, they only need to register one account to access all of them. Any smartphone or computer with a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari can access the HAC portal.

Why is it necessary for a user to have a HAC account?

HAC stores each student’s Unique See Code so that parents can access their child’s STAAR and EOC results once they are released through the state testing portal. On an online platform, users can see their child’s assessment results and history. They will need to input a unique access code as well as the child’s birthdate. Throughout their child’s testing years, they will be given a unique access code. By going to the site, they can find their child’s unique access code in HAC (Home Access Center) on the Registration tab.

What is the Best Way to Get Started?

A user must be selected as the student’s guardian and give a current email address to create a HAC account. If they choose Spanish as the language of correspondence during enrolling, they can have their HAC account presented in Spanish. Please contact the registrar’s office if they need to be identified as a guardian, modify or update their email address, have their students linked together, or change their language of correspondence before proceeding to register a HAC account.

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