Ultimate Dog Grooming Tips

The number of pet dogs is predicted to reach 31 million by 2023 in India, which shows how quickly the growing trend is for owning dogs. Although there is a long way before India catches up with America’s huge 70 million pet dog population, it is a nation of pet lovers.

If you are one of the many people who appreciate a fine-looking German Shepherd, or a feisty Beagle, then you are surely keen on keeping them looking good and well-groomed.

Here is a short article on the benefits of grooming your dog, why you should never ignore it and only use the best shampoo and conditioners for dogs and cats, and the best tips for doing it.

What are the perks of dog grooming?

Well, for starters, do you think anyone would want to come near you if you didn’t bathe? It is identical for dogs, of course. Grooming your dog well makes them look healthy and clean, but there are deeper benefits.

Grooming a dog helps them to prevent certain diseases. It will help remove dead skin, dirt, and other irritations that may make them itch and feel uncomfortable.

What tools do you need?

If you are keen on doing your own pampering, then you should own the most common dog grooming tools.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, most of these tools revolve around dog hair. You won’t need to buy all of these; some will work better on certain breeds than others.

Below are a few of the more useful dog grooming tools:

  • Metal comb
  • Bristle brush
  • Dog shampoo
  • Nail trimmers
  • Pin brush
  • Shedding brush or a de-shedding comb
  • Ear cleaners
  • Handheld vacuum

Don’t worry, that last item is for you to keep a tidy home and zap the sofa.

Ear cleaners are important for dogs, and you can buy the solution at a pet shop or use a normal saline solution instead. Just as you shouldn’t bathe your dog too often, you must limit ear cleaning too.

6 Areas of Dog Grooming

This covers six main areas you must follow over several weeks to keep your dog in tip-top condition.

  1. Bathing
  2. Hair brushing
  3. Nail clipping
  4. Teeth brushing
  5. Eyes, ears, and paws
  6. Hair trimming

Not all breeds are the same, and different lifestyles require different schedules, so the timings here are broad. You should adjust them to suit you and your dog. 

#1 Bathing

Normally once a month should be ok. However, there are occasions when you need to give your pet a quick once-over. There is one tool that an owner of any active dog would appreciate, and that is the portable dog washer. 

This portable dog washer guide might show you how to keep your home clean after you both return home from a muddy walk. Top tip, call ahead to have your partner fill it with warm water ready!

#2 Hair brushing

At least once a week, but 3 times is better for longer-haired dogs.

#3 Nail clipping

If you feel confident enough to do this, then about once a month should be enough. 

#4 Teeth brushing

Many owners neglect this area, but brushing twice a week can help your dog’s dental health immensely. 

#5 Ears, eyes, and paws

Clean these areas about every 2 weeks. 

#6 Hair trimming

This depends on your dog type, but normally every two months should be ample. 

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