Bobber Choppers

Six facts about Bobber Choppers that will make you buy one today

Motorcycles have always been a status symbol for men. Be it a teenager or a masculine cowboy; a suitable motorbike has the potential to reflect your personality and upgrade your status symbol in the best way possible. But have you ever heard of a chopper? I know you must be thinking about a Harley Davidson right now. But do you know anything about a bobber? Well, don’t worry. We can surely say that these bikes are almost identical, but they have their own set of features to differentiate them from the other bikes’. 

What is a Bobber?

A bobber motorcycle is almost like a chopper bike but with one key difference. It is equipped with a small rear fender. Most of them do not possess a front fender and do not have that long wheelbase, which gives them a different look from a chopper. Because they do not have all the standard parts of a chopper, that’s why they weigh a lot less than a chopper which allows them to run faster.

Originally they were invented during the second world war period when people would prefer the Harley Davidson bike’s engines for racing. These engines were perfect for the race, but the riders couldn’t reach the maximum speed that they wanted. They thought about removing all the unnecessary parts from the bike, increasing the speed, and invented the Bobber design. 

If you’ve just entered the biking world, there are plenty of options available for all types of riders here. Some bikes are suitable for speed-freaks, while some are perfect for cruising riders. But one bike that possesses the essence of all bikes is the bobber chopper for sale. There are many reasons to choose a chopper but let’s discuss some interesting facts about this one-of-a-kind set of wheels. 


One thing that separates a chopper from the other class of bikes is its appearance. Ever since it was introduced in the market, apart from some minor changes, the signature look of the bike has been the same. So if you’re looking for a bike that doesn’t end up being old-fashioned after just a couple of years, place your bets on the bobber choppers for sale. Their style statement has remained undisputed since the 70s, and they’re still considered one of the best-looking bikes ever introduced to the market. 

Older than most the cars

We are familiar with the fact that motorcycles already ruled the two-wheeler landscape well before the choppers were introduced. Still, one cannot deny that custom choppers for sale in the market ultimately boosted the riding game. They’ve been ruling the market for 74 years now, but still, some of the signature chopper models are older than some of the most popular car brands of the present market. 

They have their history.

We’ve already explained that these bikes were the most popular ones at the time of the world war. But are you aware that these bikes played a crucial role in the war as well? They were widely used for delivering essential supplies and construction materials to troops. Because of their compact design and phenomenal speed, they were the most trusted vehicles at that time. 

Comfortable riding

If you’re a non-rider and witness the Chopper bobber for sale, in reality, you would surely question the rider’s comfort. All because of the design and limited amount of space it appears to provide. But that’s certainly a misconception. The chopper bikes are considered to be the most comfortable bikes for touring. Might you’ve witnessed their popularity among cowboy troops and cruising groups? Well, it’s all because of the comfort they provide to the rider. 

Hollywood presence

Well, you must be aware of the love that Hollywood movies have showered on these bikes. From popular Tom-cruise chartbusters to the best-rated sitcoms, chopper bobbers for sale have graced the scene with their presence a lot of times. They’re one of the most favorite bikes of the entire cinematic landscape. 

Pocket-friendly options are also there.

After reading about the popularity of these bikes, one can surely put them in the category of expensive bike options. But that’s certainly not true. Belmonte Bikes and other bike manufacturers can turn your dream of owning a chopper bobber into reality. It all depends upon the type of customization you want in the bike. Some custom choppers for sale are available at a higher price range, but some affordable options are also available in the market. 

With such attractive facts and features, we don’t think you would get another option that is a complete value for money. And if you’re looking for a reliable bike manufacturer that can offer some custom choppers for sale options to you, then you’ve reached the right place. 

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