Sheath dress: how to recognize and wear it?

The sheath dress is the basic of the feminine wardrobe. Honored by the greatest designers, it can be worn for special occasions in a cocktail dress style as well as on a daily basis in a more relaxed spirit. Zoom on this feminine piece at will and decryption to know how to adopt it.

Sheath dress: how to recognize it?

Mythical fifties garment, the sheath dress is certainly one of the most glamorous pieces in the feminine wardrobe. Between the long dress, the wrap dress, or the trapeze dress, it is impossible to miss it since it is recognizable at first glance. This one is close to the body, often mid-length and can reach mid-calves, a bit like a pencil skirt. Terribly glamorous, it molds all shapes and all curves. Previously reserved for cocktail evenings, it is now available to infinity in cuts as casual as they are dressy. Find out which sheath dress is right for your figure and how to wear it to stay stylish.

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Sheath dress: which model for my body type?

You are tall: you are lucky! All the sheath dresses suit you: whether they are plain, patterned (this season, go for the maxi Vichy check), colored or low-cut. Another positive point: the sheath dress is more than perfect for highlighting the legs. Go there with your eyes closed!

You are small: don’t panic, even if you are small you can wear a sheath dress. For it to suit your body type, it simply needs to be shorter, so as not to visually shorten the size of your legs. So prefer a length above the knees and voila.

You are thin: you should know one thing, the sheath dress will accentuate your skinny figure even more. Also, we advise you to avoid choosing it in a too dark color which would reinforce the androgynous side of your curves. On the contrary, take the opportunity to fall for a colorful model (in 2021 dare to use Illuminating yellow or fuchsia pink ), adorned with patterns or details such as ruffles. You can also indulge yourself in a superb white sheath dress for an incredibly elegant look.

You are round: fall for a model in a dark color – black, gray, navy blue, or burgundy. So you have the superb little black evening sheath dress for example a glamorous and sophisticated effect guaranteed! In terms of shape, the must-have remains the square or round necklines that lengthen your bust without emphasizing your generous breasts. Finally, beware of too synthetic materials which tend to mark the curves. Prefer the timeless chic of a linen piece, a material as trendy as it is eco-friendly, and even more so on sunny days.

Sheath dress: how and with what to wear it?

1) The sheath dress in a relaxed version:

To wear the sheath dress casually, you absolutely have to break the chic and sexy side that is the essence of this piece. Also, you can mix it with a sporty bomber jacket or a vintage denim jacket with an oversized cut. And on the feet? Swap the must-have pumps for a pair of white sneakers.

Which model? Who says relaxation says the comfortable and original model. Opt for a printed, patterned, or even brightly colored sheath dress. Do not hesitate to choose it with a slight neckline.

2) The sheath dress to go to the office:

The sheath dress is a good alternative to the essential tuxedo and other pantsuits. To go to the office or to a date, simply mix it with a short blazer that will highlight your size and a pair of pumps.

Which model? A classic sheath dress in a sober color: black, navy blue, red, or white for summer.

3) The sheath dress for a chic evening

In the evening, the sheath dress is sufficient on its own. Just wear it with a pair of pumps with dizzying heels, a pretty necklace, and a trendy handbag or a pretty clutch and you’re done.

Which model? In the evening, dare the plunging neckline, the open back, or even the slit at the level of the legs. What about the colors?

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