Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Military Edition Features That Make It “Military Grade”

For the ultimate super-truck, people love the opportunity to have military-grade features. Designed to go above and beyond what a typical 4×4 truck would look like, having these military-like features take trucks to the next level.

What are the features that make this truck “Military Grade”? Let’s look into what upgrades they offer that are bound to grab attention.

Engine Options

The maximum engine available on the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Military Edition is a 7.0 L, 1300 hp supercharged V8. This makes it one of the most powerful vehicles with armor on earth for civilians to drive. There are also less powerful options available, but those with the military edition usually want the best of the best.

Other engine options include a 6.4 L, 500 hp SRT V8, a diesel, and a 3.6 L V6. Even with only the standard option, the engine outperforms many trucks in the same class.

Smoke Screen

The Rezvani Hercules 6×6 smoke screen is one of those cool features that might not be practically used too much, but it’s an added option. With just one press of a button, a driver can start up a dense smoke trail behind them to lose anyone.

Not only does it work as a way to lose trackers, but it’s a great way to show off and grab attention while leaving.  

6×6 Drive

Having a true 6×6 drive allows drivers to have an ultimate grip wherever the trip leads. It’s a superpowered version of 4-wheel drive, opening up new possibilities.

Just because it comes with a 6×6 drive does not mean a person has always to drive that way. It’s easy to toggle it off and go with two-wheel or four-wheel drive as well.

Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

In the case of a nuclear explosion, electronic devices become inoperable. To protect against this, there is electromagnetic pulse protection.

The great thing about this is that it exceeds military standards. It’s one of the fastest surge protection devices on the planet and holds up against several strikes if necessary.

Simply put, if a nuclear attack occurred, the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Electromagnetic Pulse Protection would still be able to operate as usual. The shield instantly protects the system and goes into defense mode in less than one billionth of a second.

Electrified Door Handles and Magnetic Deadbolts

If there’s ever someone trying to break into the vehicle, there are magnetic deadbolts, and electrified door handles to help stop intruders. This only needs to be used once to convey that the vehicle is nothing to be messed with.

The setup won’t hurt someone long-term, but it’s painful enough that they won’t be trying to break back in. The setting can be toggled on and off at a driver’s convenience.

Military-Grade Run-Flat tires

Having the ability to go anywhere with the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Military Edition is a huge selling point of the vehicle. To keep people safe even when far off the grid, military-grade run-flat tires help out a lot.

Wheel band technology with the setup allows drivers to still move the vehicle safely after a tire is damaged. It will stay on the wheel and allow people to get to a safe location to receive the proper repair.

Blinding Lights

Exploration doesn’t have to stop when the sun sets. These lights are perfect for seeing everything going on at night. It can also blind anyone tracking the vehicle with different intensity settings.

Not everyone looks at the set of lights on the front and the back as safety features, but they do a great job of providing that as well. It helps identify any suspicious behavior going on around the car. The same goes for warding off animals and anyone who might not initially see that a vehicle is there.

Security Survival Kit

Everything a person can think of is available in the security survival kit. There are military-grade gas masks, hypothermia kits, and a general first aid kit. If something goes wrong anywhere, everyone in the vehicle can survive until help comes.

It might not seem like that much more than the average kits available in other options, but it’s designed to keep people alive and thriving for a little bit longer. That can come in handy during the most extreme situations where people find themselves stranded.

Ram Bumper

Whether it’s an unexpected collision or simply ramming through a seemingly unmoveable object, this steel ram bumper is perfect for a military edition vehicle. It’s going to be the first thing to make contact when moving forward.

If there is ever a collision that comes out of nowhere, the ram bumper helps to protect those driving as well. It’s not going to lose too many fights with the material used.

Thermal Night Vision System 

The Rezvani Hercules 6×6 thermal night vision system that displays heat signatures can be extremely useful in certain situations. There’s also standard night vision available on the supertruck.

Whether it is looking out for humans, animals, or anything moving for that matter, an industry-leading heat signature display certainly helps.

Ballistics armor

The final stand-out feature on the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 super-truck is perhaps the most military grade. Ballistic armor can stop weapons and assault rifles from breaking through at any time.

To protect some of the most precious parts in the vehicle, things such as the battery and fuel tank have Kevlar wrapped around them. This means that the super truck won’t risk exploding if it’s under attack.

Need protection from the underside part of the super-truck? That’s protected as well, as explosives can be underneath and cause damage in some situations. That’s not the case with the Hercules 6×6.

Is the Military Edition Upgrade Worth It?

Many ask themselves whether or not they should spend the extra money on the military edition of the Hercules 6.6 super-truck. Those who don’t want to settle for the stock option will find the upgrade well worth. It will cost significantly more if a person wants to do the upgrades themselves.

The average person isn’t going to use every single feature consistently. However, there’s not much as far as fluff is concerned that’s added with the military version. Each upgrade brings something interesting to the table, and drivers will use them more than they initially realized.

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