Most ideal Ways Of controlling PC with Android

Streaming your screen from Android can be important on various conditions. For example, you have an approaching show and you accept it’s dangerous to use your mouse and control center to control your PC. In this manner, you search for elective approaches to managing your PC so you can without a doubt move slides and engraving huge spotlights on your screen. Luckily, there are applications found on the Google Play Store that will help you with doing this. For the overview, imply the associate underneath and follow the means by-step philosophy to control PC from Android.

The best technique to Control PC Using Android





The most basic gadget that you can use to send your screen to phone is ApowerMirror. This screen pondering application works faultlessly your PC and is reasonable on various Android units including Motorola, Huawei, Samsung, HTC, and LG. Next to its ability to reflect PC to Android, the application in like manner grants you to add message with your phone’s control center.

In like manner, you can keep working with your file and post status on your virtual diversion accounts. On a further note, the application has a fundamental marker that engages you to include phrases on your screen and characterize limits or figures. Here is the manual for control PC with Android: What are Oacian? Types, Characteristics and Qualities

Download and present ApowerMirror on your PC. On your Android contraptions, present the convenient type of the application.

Run the program and on your phone, tap the “M” blue button arranged at the lower part of your screen. Select your PC from the recognized contraptions then, click on “PC Screen Reflecting”. Note: Guarantee that your phone and PC are related with a comparable association.

From the side bar board, you can push on any images to impel. To add text, click on the control center image and enter your ideal words. At this point, press the “Send” button. To include text or add markings, click the brush image and peruse the selection of pens, thickness, and assortments.

At the point when you’re done, click the power image to isolate.


LetsView is another application that will permit you from a distance to control your PC from Android. It interfaces your device using Wi-Fi association. With the help of this one, you’ll have the choice to manage your PPT show and investigate your mouse wherever your workspace window. Plus, it clearly send your PC screen to your phone that you want to screen your workspace while on the most well-known approach to controlling. Scrutinize along to sort out how.

Interface both of your contraptions to a comparable WiFi association.

Run the application and on your phone, pick your PC from the contraptions available.

In the wake of connecting, you can include your flexible screen as your mouse.


The continue onward on the overview resembles the second application that doesn’t allow you to see your PC screen on Android devices. KiwiMote is quite possibly of the most assessed application on the Play Store that can be downloaded on Android running 4.0.1 variation and up and Windows, Mac and Linux laptops.

Components of the application integrates control center, mouse, and gamepad which works impeccably. Furthermore, it gives a control point of communication to renowned workspace programs like Adobe PDF Peruser, VLC Media Player, and Windows Photo Watcher. The principal disadvantage that can be noted is that it goes with disturbing promotions. Anyway, truly take a gander at the bearings to control PC using Android.

Get KiwiMote on your PC and wireless. You need to acquaint Java on your PC with run the installer.Whenever foundation is done, open the program and cause an uproar in and out of town button on your Android. You may similarly check the given QR code.

After some time, you will really maintain that should arrange your PC using your phone screen.


To wrap up, ApowerMirror should be your choice when you really want an application that will allow you to see your workspace screen while you control your PC. It in like manner has additional abilities like the marker that can be very useful on various conditions. In any case, you can use KiwiMote if you need to use the standard control center or mouse controls.

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