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Making an epoxy resin river desk may be a hard manner, however while completed properly, the desk will communicate for itself.  We get quite a few requests for custom river tables and epoxy is a few of the maximum famous of all of the finishes we use.

A river desk is a desk crafted from portions of stay aspect slab, regularly from the identical slab, with epoxy resin poured within side the centre.  The epoxy hardens and creates a “river” of epoxy thru the middle of the 2 slab portions.  Below is a photograph of a completed river desk.


The upward push of resin fabric would possibly confuse many furnishings consumers who have a tendency to head for conventional timber portions or current resin timber tops. When it involves tables, in particular, each resin and timber include execs and cons.

The lustrous shine and inviting appeal of a resin timber desk have received the coronary heart of many consumers. Still, questions like, ‘Is resin more potent than timber?’ or ‘Do resin tables scratch easily?’ have turn out to be not unusual place concerns.

How to make a resin table:

  • Choose your wooden slab:

The first step to creating a stay aspect river desk is deciding on a slab to your top. Make certain it’s each air and kiln dried, especially for large tables in order that it doesn’t warp. The maximum famous slabs our clients ask for while we’re constructing river tables are black walnut and maple, however many species of slabs are available. For large tables, slabs can be needed.

  • Cut the slab:

Cut the slab in 1/2 of down the centre the use of a song saw. Then, rectangular the rims so you can placed your desk interior of a mould.

  • Flatten the slab:

Flattening the slab is a manner of the use of a slab flatter or router with a song device to get rid of the excessive spots on a slab. This guarantees your slab could be flat while it’s made right into a desk. A flattener will get rid of any warping that came about all through the drying manner.

  • Remove the live edge:

This is a critical step because it will assist the epoxy bond to the slab. We commonly begin sanding the slab the use of an eighty grit sandpaper. After every pass, we paintings our manner as much as a finer grit, till we end sand it with 220. Be certain to get rid of all bark or lose timber from the rims of the slab.

  • Create a mould:

This step is vital to the completed result. Place 2″ thick timber across the portions of slab as soon as they’re placed in which you’d like them. We use a flat piece of 3/8″ plastic beneath the timber in order that the epoxy will dry on a flat surface.

Please note, the broader you placed the slabs apart, the extra tough the pour of epoxy could be and the extra highly-priced you’re assignment could be. Epoxy is about $eighty in keeping with gallon, so it provides up quick on massive river desk builds.

  • Caulk the ends:

You’ll need to apply caulk to create a dam so the epoxy doesn’t waft over the whole desk while you pour it. Caulk will assist maintain this from occurring. Caulk have to additionally pass on the lowest of the timber slab and at the ends of the mould.


This article gathers information about resin table and explain that which particular tables should be used. This blog post also mentioned step by step guide to make a resin table in an efficient manners.

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