Indian style of gambling: Teen Patti

Grambling is a game played by most of the people.In some places, it is also considered as a symbol of omen and some people consider it as a game of sin.The earliest history of gambling comes from the ancient history of India. Teen Patti game is also one of the forms of gambling that originated in India. It’s a game that deserves to be appreciated and understood by foreigners. In this article today, while understanding the Teen Patti game, we will learn about the steps to play it. Before that we understand what Teen Patti is. 

What is “Teen Patti”

Teen Patti Games is a type of gambling card game which originated in India.And it is popular all over South Asia.The game is believed to have originated from the English game Three Cards Brag, which is similar to poker.In Hindu tradition, it is played on big festivals like Diwali considering it as a symbol of omen.In eastern areas it is also called flush or flash.

How to play Teen Patti ?

Teen Patti is a card game similar to poker which is very famous in India because of its straight forward rule and easy to play variant.Anyone can play this game if its simple steps are understood well.It is not very difficult to understand the steps of Teen Patti.Once its concept is understood then playing can become even more easy and fun. Some important steps of Teen Patti which are very important to know.. Let us understand.

Step – 1 

Choose a dealer :

Selecting a person who can assist you in the game is called a dealer in Teen Patti game parlance.The dealer is a person who is able to distribute the card.The work of distributing cards was done clockwise. A person can become a dealer three times per turn.Mostly the dealer becomes the one who draws the highest card.

Step – 2

Take the decision and place the first bet : 

After the selection of the dealer, it is now necessary to choose who will place the first bet. This is also called boot amount.The small amount of stake by which the game progresses.Each round of Teen Patti is of 1025 seconds.If these games are being played without any time limit, then this rule does not apply.

Step – 3 

Distributing cards by the dealer :

After this the dealer starts distributing the cards.  This process goes clockwise.As per the Teen patti rules, no player is allowed to see his cards until the dealer distributes the cards.The dealer can deal one card to each player in a clockwise manner while all three cards are dealt to all the players.

Step – 4 

Initiation of the game :

You can choose at the beginning of the Teen Patti game.whether you want to play by looking “seen”at the cards or without “blind”. Players that want to play blindly have the option to fold and the next chance to increase the ante to double it or call.

Step- 5

Call for a sideshow : 

If there are still at least three players in the game and a seen player is playing after another seen player, the current player may request a sideshow from the prior player. The requested player can agree or disagree with the sideshow request. The player with the weaker hand must fold when the sideshow request is granted because the two players compare their hands. If the hand rankings are tied, the player who requested a sideshow is forced to fold. The wagering procedure goes on if the sideshow request is denied.

Step – 6 

Showdown the Cards : 

At the end, when no player is left, all the players have sided or are out of the game blinded or those who chose to drop out of the game on their own due to lack of good cards. Then at last the remaining players show their cards and the one whose cards draw the highest is declared the winner.

Wrapping it up :

So through this article we have come to know what is Teen Patti Game? and how it is played ? Now you probably have learned to play this game and now you practise this game and bring more perfection in this game but with caution.Hope you got relevant information on Teen Patti game from this article.

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