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Four Effective Tips for Water Heater Maintenance

It is essential to perform routine maintenance on your water heater for a variety of reasons. The usefulness of your home depends on a lot of different things, and one of those things is the water heater, which makes it possible for you to do things like take showers and wash the dishes. 

Your water heater’s lifespan can be extended significantly with the right kind of maintenance. It is also possible for it to improve the overall energy efficiency of your water heater, which can go a long way toward reducing the costs of energy that are associated with it. 

The most effective water heater maintenance can also reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, which is vital for ensuring that your life is disrupted as little as possible.

1. Perform Routine Inspections

It is essential that you make time in your schedule to periodically inspect and check on your water heater. These inspections can assist you in identifying any problems at an earlier stage when it will be much simpler and less time-consuming to fix them. 

Take a few moments out of your day to check that your water heater is continuing to operate in the correct manner while maintaining its high level of efficiency. If needed, you can also hire a plumbing expert for help.

2. Perform Annual Maintenance

Flushing the water heater is essential to empty the sediment from your water heater at least once every year. Even if sediment does not physically damage a water heater, it can have a significant negative effect on the heater’s ability to perform its function effectively. 

It is essential to turn off the water supply and the electricity supply to your water heater before you begin draining it to ensure that the process is successful. After that, you can attach a hose to the water heater so that any water that is still inside the tank can be drained. 

3. Insulate Tank

Insulating the tank of a water heater can confer numerous advantages on the appliance. Not only will it cut down on the amount of money spent on energy bills, but it could also make the water heater last longer overall. A water heater repair can help you along the way.

Because heat won’t be able to escape from an insulated tank, the water heater won’t have to exert as much effort to bring the water’s temperature up to the desired level. This will result in cheaper monthly energy bills as it uses less energy to operate. 

4. Fix Reduced Temperature

The majority of water heaters have their initial settings at temperatures that are significantly higher than what is actually necessary. In point of fact, this can be rather hazardous because it can cause the water to heat up to a temperature that is significantly higher than what is considered to be acceptable, which can result in burns. Despite the fact that all possible uses for hot water may be accomplished with temperatures of 120 degrees or lower. Not only would bringing the temperature down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit bring your total energy costs down, but it will also protect you from burns and other injuries.

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