Different types of serving platters:


In a restaurant or if you have organized a party, there are a lot of people for whom food is the most valuable part of the occasion or party. So, to serve the food to your beloved relatives, you should have some dinnerware or a serving platter. A serving platter is a dishware used for serving food.

It is a type of dishware or tray on which food is displayed and served to people. There are different types of serving platters according to their size, shape, and usage. The serving platter can be made of wood, ceramic, porcelain, metal, plastic, fiber, etc. Plain and ornate serving platters are suitable for more formal occasions or parties. They are made of or plated with silver, gold, or some antique materials and are considered quite valuable.

Serving platters:

Serving  or trays play an important role in the dining setup. Serving platters are commonly used for serving foods and drinks to guests at any gathering. That’s not all. It also helps in decorating your dining setup. In the market, you can find various types of serving platters according to their usage.

The different types of serving platters are:

Pinewood Serving Trays:

  • These types of serving trays are made of pine wood, which is made up of high quality seasoned hardwood.
  • It is damp proof and heat resistant.
  • Termite save and microwave safe
  • It can be rectangular, oval shaped.
  • You can serve people hot or cold beverages, desserts, or any type of dish.

Melamine Serving Trays:

  • These types of serving trays are made of fine quality melamine.
  • Heat resistant and more durable.
  • Light in weight.
  • Small, medium, large all kinds of serving trays are available.
  • You can serve different types of food to the guests.
  • Printed melamine trays are the most beautiful and attractive.

Ceramic type of Serving Trays:

  • The ceramic types of trays have an earthy charm that translates into food looking very gorgeous and attractive on a dinner table.
  • It can be many sizes and shapes.
  • A colorful platter can enhance the look of your dinnerware.
  • Scratch proof and rust free.
  • More durable than wooden serving trays.

Plastic serving trays:

  • Plastic serving platters or trays can come in different sizes and shapes.
  • They are cheap and easy to use.
  • In most places, the waiters serve food in these plastic trays.
  • A good plastic serving tray is quite useful for serving meals in your home or restaurant.
  • Break proof and easy to wash.
  • But due to continuous use some scratches or some patches can be shown due to excess heat.

Serving Trays with Compartments

  • These serving trays or platters are the most common. It is used in many hostels, restaurants for meal purposes.
  • The advantage of this type of serving tray is that there are 5 – 6 compartments. In this type of serving, more food items can be adjusted.
  • In this, you can add 5-6 categories of food items in different compartments.
  • These can be made of fiber, plastic, steel etc.
  • Rust free and easy to wash.

Appetizer serving trays:

  • Appetizer serving plates or trays are specially used for serving various types of snacks, desserts, and different types of food at a party.
  • Made of glass, which is the most attractive to people.
  • Scratch resistant, durable and microwave safe.

Tea Serving Trays:

  • These types of serving platter are mainly used for serving tea, coffee to the guests invited to your party.
  • It can be made of plastic, glass, porcelain, etc.
  • It is cheap, affordable, and heat resistant.

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