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5 YouTube Stats Everyone Needs To Know In 2022 [Info Graphic]

YouTube became one of the most popular social media platforms in 2022. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this platform is its simplicity and easy-to-use user interface. In addition, it allows everyone to post their content on their application and even access those videos for free. 

People worldwide are choosing YouTube as their career option and earning a decent amount of money. For many people, it has become a status symbol, and they compare each other with the views they get on their videos. The first ever video was uploaded on 23rd April 2005 by one of the founders of this application. 

People even buy YouTube views to show themselves famous in front of the public or their friends. However, below are five statistics you might need to know if you want to stay ahead in the competition.

Monthly active users

According to the latest data analyzed by Google for this video-sharing platform, it has around 2.5 billion users worldwide. It has ranked as the second most popular social media network site. Besides being a social media platform, it ranks second as the most used search engine. It surpasses many prominent search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc.

This data is determined whenever someone touches or logs into YouTube, even without opening or launching a YouTube application or website. Today it is possible to watch YouTube videos even in the WhatsApp application, which can also be counted as a view.


The most common question is how YouTube is so popular and can generate millions of views every hour. To understand this, you need to look at the localization and language video in which they are uploaded. This platform adapts itself to different languages of different markets.

There can be hundreds of different languages on this platform, such as Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Italian, French, and many more. So what is the percentage of the highest language videos on YouTube?

  1. Local language – Research has shown that the majority of videos that are posted on YouTube are not in the English language, but around two third of the total percentage of YouTube videos that are uploaded are in the local language of the country. Uploading videos in the local language help them to buy YouTube video views organically. People often prefer to watch videos in their language, and many people cannot understand foreign languages. 
  2. English language – The rest of the percentage of videos that are uploaded on this platform is in English. It might be shocking for many people here, but this survey is done thoroughly with every attribution. However, the video that is posted in the English language is capable of receiving four times more views than videos that are in other languages. Most people worldwide can understand English because it is an international language.

New products on YouTube

Most of the discovery of new products is made on YouTube because people often prefer to watch unboxing or review your product before buying them from any local or online store. Around 90% of people say that the discovery of new brands or products is made on this platform. It can be a perfect marketing strategy for people who want to start their small business online. There are several advantages of doing business on YouTube.

  • 100% free to use
  • Easy terms and conditions of monetization
  • Increased reachability
  • Friendly user interface
  • Help you to learn new marketing strategies

Users prefer mobile over the desktop version

The Mobile version of YouTube is accessible compared to the desktop version because mobile phone is a compact device, and you can access the Internet anywhere at any time. It is not possible on a computer or laptop. Over 60% of views on this video-sharing platform come from mobile streaming. It is elementary to stay up to date with trends with mobile phones because of their accessibility.

Content creators also find it easy to manage their content and accounts with the help of mobile phones and you-tubes official application known as YouTube studio. Monitoring the data on studio might help you turn your content into more productive and give them quality according to users’ engagement. 

500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every minute

It is true every minute; around 500 hours of video are uploaded only on social media platforms worldwide. So calculating it makes it 30,000 hours of video every hour and around 720,000 hours of video one day. So for a human being, it would take around 82 years and complete the amount of video uploaded on this platform every hour.

YouTube has been a greater source of entertainment for years now, and circumstances show that it will remain for another four to six years. These are the few statistics that you must not overlook when it comes to marketing strategy. Complete knowledge of the platform on which you will upload your content is necessary.

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