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5 Crucial Things You Should Know Before Getting a Roof Replacement

Installing a new roof can be quite an exciting yet stressful experience. There are plenty of things to take into consideration before you allow roofing contractors to start the operation.

Once roofers arrive for the installation, your house will turn into a work zone. This means that there will be areas that might pose risks and hazards for your family.

Planning things will make the process much smoother and stress-free, so here are a few tips you should know.

Take Off Wall Decorations

Since the roofers will likely be using heavy machinery, the vibrations from them will travel to most of the walls of your home. If you have decorations, items on shelves, or artwork, they might fall and get damaged.

Take the time to remove all of the fragile items hanging or placed near your walls and place them in a safe area until the installation is done as a precaution. Light fixtures like chandeliers might also be susceptible to breaking due to the vibrations.

Plan For Kids and Pets

Since your home is going to be a work zone, it’ll be highly dangerous to let your kids and pets move around without supervision. If your kids are old enough, explain to them that certain areas of the house will be off-limits until the installation is done.

For younger children and pets that won’t be able to comprehend these dangers, ask your family or friends to look after them until your roof is replaced. The loud noises from machinery and hammers might disturb their sleep if they stay in the house.

Park Your Vehicles Elsewhere

There are a lot of tools and instruments required for roofers to do their work properly. They’ll need some empty space to get quick access to their trucks and the tools in them throughout the day.

It’s important to relocate your car to another location, maybe in front of your neighbor’s house with their permission. So, the roofers can have all the space they need to accumulate shingles and roof debris for metal roof replacements.

Remove Satellite Dishes and HVAC Units

Satellite dishes, TV antennas, and HVAC units are extremely dangerous to have on your roof when installing a new one. It’s crucial to have them removed before any roof work is done. If they are located near your roof, it’s best to have them shielded from potential debris.

Get assistance from an electrician and satellite providers to safely remove the units from your roof temporarily. If they’re not available, you can ask the roofing contractors if they’d be willing to remove the units.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Lastly, you should make your neighbors aware of the situation, what your plans are, and how long the roof installation might last. This will help them adapt their schedule so they can be comfortable when work is happening.

Informing them as early as possible is the right thing to do, as the noise from construction might disturb their kids or seniors living in the house.

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