4 Tips to Make Your Home Winter Ready

The winter brings many chances for family and friends to get together and enjoy some quality time. However, it also brings many problems that can wreak havoc on your home if not taken care of on time.

From the roof of your house to the driveway outside, there are plenty of things that need your attention when the cold weather hits. If taken care of on time, these problems will just seem like routine maintenance and won’t cause trouble later on.

To help you make your home winter ready, here are some quick tips

Insulate Everything

When the cold weather comes in, the first thing you notice is your home getting chillier. No matter how good your HVAC system is, it will have trouble keeping you warm if the cold air keeps seeping in through the corners. 

For starters, take a look at your windows. Generally, the space around the windows needs to be insulated because there is enough place for air to get in your house. Then, you can look into getting storm windows. They add an insulating layer that will keep the cold air out, and they are great for heavy rain or snow as well.

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The attic and crawl spaces can also get cold. If the crawl space is cold, the bottom floor of your house will be hard to keep warm. As for the attic, with some insulation, you can keep your attic cooler and prevent ice dams while keeping the rest of your home warm. 

Service The Heating Equipment 

Depending on how far the temperatures drop in your area, you may use many heating appliances to stay warm during the winter. 

However, the equipment goes unused in the other seasons. When you finally turn it up this winter, there may be some leakages, breakage, or other problems. Try checking it out for yourself first to get an idea if it just needs some maintenance or if you need to call a water heater repair service.

If your home has a fireplace, then you should have it serviced as well. Since there could be some water or gas leakage in the chimney or the cap might be damaged.

Inspect Your Roof and Gutters

The shingles on your roof don’t have a good time during the winter season. That’s why you should try getting to the top and finding out whether or not you need to replace or tighten some shingles. If the damage is more than you can handle, it would be best to call a professional to avoid any injuries or further damage. 

Since you’ll already be on the roof, it would be best to check out the gutters as well. They’re exposed to the environment and can easily get clogged. After cleaning up, you can also check if any part of the gutter is damaged and needs the attention of a professional. 

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Protect Exposed Plumbing

Insulation can be incredibly important for more than just the spaces in your home. Since the water gets quite cold in the winter and freezing sometimes, the pipes can sometimes get damaged or even burst in extreme cases. That’s why you should consider getting the exposed pipes around your home insulated to keep them protected. If you’re going to be installing the insulation yourself, make sure to inspect the integrity of the pipes before insulating. Sometimes it’s best to get plumbing repair services rather than call someone to fix a burst pipe.

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